It's Pandora Boxx, Bitch.

It’s Ask Pandora 1.5!  Which means I had extra video footage from episode 1 so I made this one!  Hoopty hoo!


Vintage Pandora Boxx :) 

Vintage Pandora Boxx :) 

This may be one of the unitardyiest things I’ve ever done.  But it makes me laugh.

It’s Carol Channing Rambles!

Ha!  Another local commercial I was in :)

Holy shitballs. Just watched my college video project. Shot w/NO budget, not great equipment, it’s gloriously terrible.  But about 3:50 I look hot :)

I once did a local commercial in Rochester, NY!  Ha ha :)

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I’m kinda dumb sometimes and here’s proof! It’s my first “Ask Pandora Boxx!” video! Did I answer your ???

Check out Pandora Boxx’s dance number at the finale party for RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars!

Hey Fandoras!  Your mission today is to watch my latest video and then share it!!

Love you all!